Asset GPS tracking system

Focus Tracking System is offering GPS asset tracking system in India. Which allows you to use our GPS asset tracker to ensure that your assets are well protected. A GPS Locator adds an extra layer of security blanket, as it allows you to track your assets from anywhere via a single SMS, our web based application, and our mobile application. This range ensures that no matter where you are at, you will be able to track down your asset without any hassle.

With our real time tracking system you will be able to track both personal and business assets. We are offering you a reliable and effective real time GPS tracking system, that will allow you to keep an eye on your investment. It is a natural instinct to protect your your investments, which is why we are offering you top of the line GPS asset tracking devices, paired with our exceptional GPS mobile tracking application. This way you can keep track of your assets even when you, or your assets are on the move.

We at Focus Tracking System offer GPS asset tracker for both personal and business use. Our personal GPS asset tracking system offers fast live location updates. The device houses a powerful battery, that will last up to 40 days on standby. Which allows you more than enough time to locate your assets. The GPS personal tracker comes with a three colour LED indicator, so you know when your device has been turned on.

If you opt for our GPS asset tracker for business, then you will be able to track your assets down to a location or individual. Our system keeps records of usage, its maintenance, and the history of your assets. This means each asset is logged in using a special barcode scanning system. This way you will be able to keep track on when the asset was checked in/out. As we offer a historical date trail of your assets, it allows us to GPS locate your assets when you require.


Asset Tracker

GPS+AGPS+LBS Positioning

Allows the location to be pin pointed accurately and rapidly

vehicle tracking device

Vibration & Movement Alert

Acquire instant alert when your asset is vibrated or moved unexpectedly


2500/5000mAh Battery

High capacity Li-ion battery ensuring sufficient power supply

Advance GPS tracking device

IP65 Dust & Waterproof

Water-resistant to ensure stable operation in tough environment

gps tracking device for bikes

Voice monitor

Activate listen-in mode via text

Escort Bike security device

Geo-fence Alarm

Create geofences in circle or rectangle for key locations

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