GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Focus Tracking System provides best GPS tracking device in Tamilnadu at affordable prices.GPS tracking device can be personalized according to your specific needs.

Fourwheeler Tracking System
Twowheeler Security Device in Coimbatore

Robo Tracker

Fleet Tracker

Fleet Tracker

Suits for cars, lorries, trucks, buses, earth movers etc.

Personal Tracker

Personal Tracker

Suits for childrens, old age people, sales person.

Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker

Suits for tracking your valuable assets.

Escort Security

Escort Bike Security Device

Bike Security Device

Suits for all kind of two wheelers

FTS Advantage

GPS Tracking device in coimbatore

Best Backend Platform

Best backend platform with best GIS maps and most reliable GPS hardware

GPS Tracking device in Tamilnadu

Visual Data

Processes data from your vehicles and converts it into bar/pie charts & graphs

GPS vehicle tracking devices

Safety and Saving

Eliminate risky driving and choose efficient routes that saves time

GPS tracking devices in tirupur

Mobile Application

All the information’s can be received in a single touch from your phone

GPS tracking in erode


Gives you an alert regarding renewals, speeding,engine on/off,location etc

four wheeler tracking in coimbatore


Easy to use, improves safety and helping you to keep eye on your assets

Two wheeler tracking in coimbatore

GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS Fleet Tracking at your fingerprints

Asset tracking in coimbatore

Service Support

Deliver flawless 24/7 service support to our customers

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