Personal GPS tracking device

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Personal Tracking device is generally used to keep a track of Humans which includes Children’s, old aged peoples or even employees. You get a personalised GPS personal tracker device & a smartphone app, that gives you a peace of mind even when you are away. This GPS tracking device doesn’t require any special Plug-ins.


  • Improves safety
  • Ability to view the person’s location
  • Monitoring elderly

A personal tracker is generally used to keep track of your personal items, which includes anything from your vehicles to your pets. We are offering you our GPS personal tracking system at affordable prices, so you can have some peace of mind even when you are away. These GPS trackers were designed to ensure that the user is getting so much more than just a simple location. Focus Tracking System is offering reliable and effective GPS trackers, that do not require any special plugging in. This personal tracker is designed to run on a wireless network, so you can locate them at any times. As these GPS personal tracking devices are compact they can be placed anywhere without anyone noticing.

They are ideal for personal use because when you place them in your car, you will be able to do much more than simply locate the vehicle. Our GPS personal tracking system offers a two way communication function, along with the option to add two phone numbers installed. Which means at the time of need, you can use our personal tracker to get help from your family. The SOS emergency alarm system makes it ideal for kids, as they can simply ping you from any location if trouble arises. With the help of our GPS mobile application tracker, you will be able to pinpoint the location of your child.

Our GPS personal tracking system allows you to monitor speed as well, which is ideal if you have teenagers. This GPS tracker will not only show you the location of your teenager in real time, it will also inform you about the speed they are driving at. Our GPS tracking device is considered to be the best GPS tracking device, no matter what you use them for.


Personal tracking System

GPS+AGPS+LBS Positioning

Positioning allow the location to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly

GPS Tracking device in coimbatore

Vibration & Movement Alert

Acquire instant alert when vehicle is vibrated or moved unexpectedly

GPS Tracking device in Tamilnadu

Geo-fence Alarm

Create geofences in circle or rectangle for key locations

GPS tracking devices in tirupur

SOS Call

speed-dial thumb sized button allowing urgent call during any emergency case

GPS tracking in erode

Voice Monitor

Activate listen-in mode via text

four wheeler tracking in coimbatore

Fuel Consumption

Name, Mobile Number, License No, Salary, Daily Bata, etc

Two wheeler tracking in coimbatore

Low Battery

Shutdown notice receive notice when the device needs for charging

Suits for

Personal TrackerChildrens

GPS Employee Tracking SystemSales Person

Best Personal Tracking DeviceOld Age People

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