Focus Tracking System at a Glance

Focus Tracking System is a creative and leading tracking system provider. With a head office based in Coimbatore, we offer our services all around India. Our services cover both personal and business sectors. Which means you can use our services for personal and private matters. Apart from GPS tracking your fleet, we can help you keep an eye on your personal vehicle, bike, pets, and even kids. Our GPS mobile application tracking system, will allow you to track movements of from any remote location.

We are the top GPS dealers in Coimbatore, and in Tamilnadu; and are one of the leading GPS dealers in India. We are a one stop shop for GPS Tracking Devices, and GPS Software System; which allows us to offer GPS devices, and GPS tracking services in India. Our initial goal is to offer our customers a tracking service which allows them to ease their mind. Our philosophy is to offer a balanced service, which means both our GPS locator device, and GPS locator software are of high-caliber. In addition, our GPS asset tracker offers real-time updates, so you can constantly track each movement. This has allowed us to rise as the best vehicle tracking system manufacturer in India.

To ensure that our clients have an edge over their competitors, we offer support in world transportation, and commuter management. With our help, clients are able to keep a track of their shipment anywhere in the world, both on national and international level. Our GPS locator is paired with our web-based tracking system, which allows users to stay updated with a live location status.

GPS locator for Vehicles is mostly used to track personal and commercial vehicles, but can also be used as GPS locator for Pets, or as a GPS locator for kids. The system works equally efficiently, and offers you the best GPS tracking services in India.

Our Promise

Focus Tracking System, we are devoted to build one of the finest & most reliable wireless communications, that eases the way travel businesses are done across the world. Our extensive range of GPS trackers allow you to track, gauge and obtain the most authentic information’s of your fleets including cars, trucks, buses, heavy vehicles & even humans. We offer advanced GPS tracking devices, advanced two wheeler security system and four wheeler security system.

Why Us ?

  • Focus Tracking system provides advance GPS tracking device at affordable prices
  • GPS trackers can be personalized according to your specific needs
  • Our GPS tracking devices are reliable, tested and robust
  • Accurate data analytics in an easily understandable manner, in form of bar/pie charts, graphs etc
  • Alerts can be customized in GPS trackers based on engine performance indicators, over speeding etc, depending on your priority

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