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GPS vehicle tracking system for four wheeler

Robo tracker offers best four wheeler tracking device hardware & software for cars, trucks, lorries etc. With the help of our four wheeler tracking device you will be able to keep an eye on the fleet of vehicles of you own or operate.

Our GPS four wheeler tracking system is small, and easy to install.Our GPS tracker mobile application allows you to track and gauge vehicles, manage drivers, choose routes to avoid traffic, locate vehicles if stolen and much more. We offer best four wheeler security device to improve your security.


  • Real-time GPS Fleet Tracking
  • Eliminate Risky Driving Habits
  • Choose efficient routes & driving habits that require less fuel consumption
  • Deliver flawless service to your customers

We offer a wide range of GPS tracking software, to ensure that your personal and business vehicles are easily traceable from any remote location. Our satellite tracking covers fleet vehicle tracking, as well as a personal car GPS locator. Our GPS four wheeler tracking system is small, and easy to install. Once installed the GPS vehicle tracking device can be connected to the GPS mobile app tracking system, and you can start tracking your vehicle or vehicles.

These GPS four wheeler trackers are especially designed to offer you the most. As these GPS locators offer users much more than just a phone tracking system. With the help of the GPS mobile app tracking system, you can check where your vehicle is heading, and what speed is the vehicle traveling at. If you have set a certain amount of speed limit, you will automatically get a notification. This feature is a great way to keep your vehicle in check, and that is not all. The GPS vehicle tracking system also offers you a chance to check the location of your four-wheeler via SMS, mobile application, and our web-based platform. So you can check the location, and history of your vehicle at any time, from the any option available to you at that time.

Our GPS car tracker home a three LED display light, to indicate their working status when installed. Each GPS tracker for vehicles offer a variety of features, so you can pick the one you feel will fit your needs best. Our GPS vehicle trackers can be plugged into any vehicle, no matter what the make and model of the vehicle is. This allows us to offer our services to a range of clients looking for the best GPS tracking system in India.


GPS Tracking device in Tamilnadu

Route Playback

Daily travelled kilometres

GPS vehicle Security device in Erode

Live Tracking

10 sec time intervals on Google Maps

Best GPS Tracking device in Coimbatore


Insurance expiry, FC, Tyre change, oil change, service alert

vehicle Security system in Salem


Parking and ignition, mileage, trip industry

vehicle Security system in Namakkal

Two-way communication

The two-way communication can be done via calls

Best Four Wheeler Tracking device in Salem

Fuel Consumption

24/7 monitoring of fuel allows detection of even smallest withdrawals

Best GPS tracker in Karur

Monitor Vehicle Speed

keeping a track on vehicle speed

Two wheeler Security device in Chennai

Driver Data

Name, Mobile Number, License No, Salary, Daily Bata, etc

Escort Bike security


Shutter open-close, engine on-off, over speed, power cut, low battery, fence I and out, door open and close, etc

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GPS live Tracker


Fourwheeler GPS Tracker

Lorries & Trucks

Best GPS tracker


GPS Device

Earth Movers

GPS Security Device in Tamilnadu

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